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Top 5 Children’s Mutual Funds: Tailored for Your Brilliant Kids 

Children’s Mutual Funds: The world’s racing ahead, costs soaring higher than ever, especially when it comes to our little one’s future. But in this whirlwind, there’s a beacon of hope—a savvy strategy parents can imply to outsmart the game: diving into mutual funds for kids.

These funds? They’re not just any old savings plan–they’re like the magic vaults where we stash away dreams for our kid’s education, health, and all those monumental milestones on their horizon. 

What are Children’s Mutual Funds?  

They’re like secret treasure chests, locked for around 5 years, or even more until our kids spread their wings into adulthood. So, who’s game for this financial adventure? Anyone dreaming big for their child’s future, parents, eyeing those tax cuts, patient investors who believe in the power of time, or those who savor a bit of flexibility while building up that nest egg through children’s funds.  

Amidst several schemes, including both government and private, this option steals the limelight.

Drumroll, please! Here are the showstoppers–the top 5 legendary mutual funds designed for the young stars: 

1. Tata Young Citizens Fund Regular Plan

Investment Aim: Long-term growth for children, requiring a minimum 5-year commitment, without guaranteed returns. 

Fund size: 307.83 crore 

Expense Ratio: 2.6% 

Risk: High. 

Approach: Primarily invests in consumer-oriented sectors, with an 80% focus on equity and some debt allocation. 

Fund Manager: 

Amey Sathe- 

  • 12+ years of experience 
  • Overseeing Tata Banking and Financial Services Fund and Tata Equity P/E Fund 

2. ICICI Pru Child Care Fund-Gift Plan 

Investment Strategy: Aim for growth by investing in stocks (65–100%) and a mix of debt and money market instruments (0–35%).  

Invest for 5 years or more for better returns but be ready: for some ups and downs. This type of fund (aggressive hybrid) divides instruments: 65–80% in stocks and the rest in bonds, offering stability for newer equity investors. 

Fund Size: 1062.93 crore 

Expense Ratio: 2.25% 

Risk: Moderate 

Fund Managers: 

Rohit Lakhotia– Holds B.Tech. and MBA degrees, with previous roles at Yes Bank and Samsung Electronics. 

Chandni Gupta– Holds B.E. and CFA degrees, with prior experience at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, HSBC Bank, and Standard Chartered Mutual Fund. 

Lalit Kumar– Holds PGDM and B.Tech degrees, with previous roles at East Bridge Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Nomura Financial Advisory & Securities, Merrill Lynch, and Cypress Semiconductors. 

3. Aditya Birla SL Bal Bhavishya Yojna – Regular Plan 

Investment Strategy: Aims for capital appreciation by mainly investing in stocks, debt, and money market instruments. 

Fund Size: 860.51 crore 

Expense Ratio: 2.24% 

Risk: Very high. 

Sustainability: Investing for 5 years or more can outpace inflation and fixed-income returns. Expect some fluctuations in value. 

A flexi-cap fund allows flexibility in investing across company sizes, making it suitable for equity investors relying on fund managers for stock selection. 

Fund Managers: 

Harshil Suvarnkar has 11 years’ experience, previously at Indiabulls Housing Finance, with qualifications from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies and Government Law College. 

Atul Penkar, with over 21 years of experience in equity research and Fund Management, joined Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited in 2006. 

Dhaval Joshi has 15 years of experience in equity research and investments, previously associated with Sundaram Mutual Fund and Emkay Global Financial Services. 

4. HDFC Children’s Gift Fund 

Investment Approach: This plan aims to grow your money by investing in both stocks and bonds. 

Fund Size: 7741.55 crore 

Expense Ratio: 1.78% 

Risk: High. 

Sustainability: Investing for 5 years or more could bring in good returns, but your investment value might swing up-and-down. It’s an aggressive hybrid fund, splitting its focus between stocks (65-80%) and bonds perfect for equity investors. 

Fund Manager: 

Chirag Setalvad- With over 22 years of experience, focusing on fund management, equity research, and investment banking for 18 years. 

5. SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Fund – Investment Plan – Regular Plan 

Investment Strategy: This plan aims for long-term growth by investing in stocks from various sectors and sizes, along with bonds for added income. 

Fund Size: 1387.4 crores 

Expense Ratio: 2.14% 

Risk: High 

Sustainability: Investing for 5 years or more could outperform inflation and fixed income options, but brace for some value swings. It typically divides around 65-80% in stocks and the rest in bonds. Great for those new to stocks seeking steadier growth. 

Fund Managers: 

Rama Srinivasan- 

  • 25+ years of equity experience directly manages various funds at SBI Funds Management.  
  • Holds degrees in Commerce and MFM from the University of Mumbai. 

Rajeev Radhakrishnan-  

  • Heads the Fixed Income desk at the AMC. 
  • 7 years with UTI Asset Management. 
  • Electrical graduate, CFA charter holder. 

Children’s Mutual Funds in India are on the Rise! 

Here’s the scoop: 

  1. Growing Demand: More parents are eyeing mutual funds for their kids, boosting their demand. 
  1. New Choices: Expect a bunch of new children’s mutual funds! Mutual fund companies are planning to launch NFOs that will offer more options for kid’s investments. 
  1. Online Ease: Investing online makes it a breeze for parents to hop into children’s mutual funds, benefiting more children. 
  1. Tailored Plans: Get ready for plans customized for education and healthcare goals. 
  1. Better Returns: Funds might focus on growth for higher returns to tackle rising costs. 
  1. Safer Options: Look out for safer choices to ease parental worries about risks. 
  1. Tax Perks: tax benefits might stick around, making kid’s mutual funds more attractive for parents. 

In the grand theater of securing our children’s futures, these specialized children’s mutual funds emerge as the heroes of the story. They’re not just financial tools; they’re the guardians of our kid’s dreams, locked away until the perfect moment arrives for their unveiling.  

Each fund has its own unique script, weaving together strategies and risks to create a captivating plot of long-term growth. Steered by seasoned professionals, these funds don’t just dance with the market’s rhythm; they aim for a standing ovation in return.  

Amidst a landscape where parents are hungry for ways to safeguard their children’s futures, these funds steal the spotlight. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about nurturing aspirations and building the stage for our children’s success. 

Picture this: parents all over, drawn to the allure of these tailored funds, each one a backstage pass to a brighter future. They’re not just investing; they’re scripting their children’s journeys with hope and purpose. 

Bottom Line

So, in this epic saga of financial planning, these mutual funds designed for our kids take center stage, offering a compelling narrative of growth, security, and dreams fulfilled. 

As the curtains draw close on this financial stage, these specialized funds remain the unsung heroes of our children’s future. Investing in their dreams isn’t just a choice; it’s a narrative we craft for the stars of tomorrow.

So, ready to script your child’s success story? Dive into these tailored funds and watch the magic unfold! 


Can I open a mutual fund for my child in India? 

Yeah, you can totally open a mutual fund for your kiddo in India! It’s a smart move to kickstart their financial journey early. 

Can I withdraw money from a mutual fund anytime? 

Well, when it comes to withdrawing cash from mutual funds, you can withdraw pretty much anytime you like. However, some funds might have certain rules or charges for early withdrawals, so it’s good to check that out. 

What is the best investment for kids in India? 

Investing in a mutual fund or a Unit Linked Insurance Premium (ULIP) specifically designed for kids can be a solid choice. They offer decent returns over the long term and often come with added benefits like insurance coverage. 

Can I buy shares for my child? 

Yup, you can definitely buy shares for your little one! It’s a cool way to set them up for financial success down the road. Just make sure to pick stocks wisely and keep an eye on the market. 

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