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Investing in 20s: Maximizing the Amazing Perks

Investing in 20s for all the young hustlers might seem like a lot; turns out, it’s quite feasible.

You might be juggling gigs, studies, or just figuring out life in your 20s, but have you thought about being a boss with your money game? Yeah, we’re talking about investing, and trust me, it’s not just for old folks wearing suits. Starting early on this financial roller-coaster has some serious perks that’ll make your future self high-five you! 

Let’s break it down with some quirky flair and numbers that speak for themselves: 

Investing in 20s & The Power of Compound Interest 

Ever heard of this thing called “compounding” in the context of money? Well, it’s like a money-making snowball, that if rolled down a snowy slope will only get bigger and bigger with each rotation. The sooner you start investing, the longer your money grows.

For instance, investing just Rs. 5,000/month at a 10% annual return could make you a millionaire by the time you hit your late 40s! That’s the magic of starting early. 

Still didn’t get it? Check out this table: 

SIP Amount Interest Rate Investment Tenure Investment Value 
₹345.3 12% 30   1 crore 
₹625 25 
₹1156.56 20 
₹813.45 15 
₹4100 10 
[Note: This table breaks down how much you need to invest per month through SIP to get Rs 1 crore after a certain tenure considering the return rate of 12%] 

The Risks You Can Afford 

Ah, the thrill of being young and daring!

Here’s the lowdown: when you’re in your prime time, taking risks isn’t just a good idea, it’s like having a secret advantage. Ever thought about diving into mutual funds or the stock market? Yeah, it can feel like stepping into the unknown, but here’s the scoop – these investments often bring in juicier returns in the long haul.  

But guess what? You’ve got time on your side, which means you can weather those big swings. And in the end, those ups and downs could turn into the bigger wins you’ve been dreaming of.
So, buckle up and embrace the ride – because that volatility might just be your ticket to cashing in on those sweet, sweet gains! 

Retirement Planning will Tickle you SOONER THAN EXPECTED 

Planning your retirement while you’re rocking your 20s might seem like a snooze-fest, but nope! It’s the ultimate power move. Let’s talk mutual funds, the MVPs of retirement planning. They’re like a team of money maestros, working hard behind the scenes to grow your cash.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Dream big! Envision your future – the trips, the hobbies, the dream pad. How much will that lifestyle cost? Get a number in mind. 

Step 2: Invest in mutual funds. They’re your backstage pass to this dream show. These funds collect money from a bunch of people, including you, and invest it smartly in things like stocks and bonds. The pros manage it all so you can sit back and watch the money dance. 

Step 3: Time is your BFF. Start ASAP. Seriously, every penny you tuck into these funds now grows into a bigger stack over time. The earlier you start, the better. An early investments strategy that incorporates an SIP in your investment journey can launch your finances with a parachute (click here to find out how).

Step 4: Choose wisely! Mutual funds come in all flavors. Some play it safe with steady growth, others might be a bit more adventurous. Find the ones that vibe with your goals and comfort level. 

Step 5: Keep tabs on it. Check in sometimes. Think of it like nurturing a plant. Your goals might evolve, life might throw curveballs – staying flexible is key. 

Elite Choices: Top 5 Indian Mutual Funds for 20-somethings 

1. SBI Bluechip Fund

About the Fund: This fund aims for long-term growth by investing in established large companies. If you’re investing in 20s in it for at least 5 years, it might beat inflation and offer better returns than fixed options, but expect some ups and downs. It’s more resilient during market drops, making it a good fit for cautious investors eyeing stable stocks. 

Risk: High 

Fund Size: Rs. 40740.72 crore 

Expense Ratio: 1.61% 

Fund Manager: 

Sohini Andani

  • Sohini brings over 11 years of experience in research, having worked in prominent firms like ING Investment Management and several leading brokerage outfits.  
  • She’s a Commerce graduate from Mumbai University and a CA from ICAI. She’s been managing this fund since 2010. 

2. Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund 

About the fund: The fund aims to grow your money for the long term by seizing opportunities from India’s economic growth. It does this by investing in stocks and related securities. Invest for 5 years or more to beat inflation and fixed-income returns. Expect ups and downs. It mainly focuses on big companies, better for cautious investors. Use SIP for investing. 

Focused on large-cap stocks (>80%) and a maximum of 20% in select midcaps, seeking quality businesses at reasonable prices for long-term investment. 

Risk: High. 

Fund Size: Rs. 36132.35 crore 

Expense Ratio: 1.54% 

Fund Manager:  

Gaurav Khandelwal 

  • Mr. Khandelwal, a CA and CFA, joined Mirae Asset Investment Managers (India) after working at Edelweiss Securities Ltd., Ambit Capital Private Limited, Emkay Global Private Limited, CRISIL Ltd, and ICICI Bank. 
  • His experience spans various prominent financial institutions, bringing a blend of expertise in accounting and financial analysis to his current role at Mirae Asset. 

Gaurav Misra

  • Before his current position, Mr. Gaurav Misra held a role as a Senior Portfolio Manager at ASK Investment Managers Limited. 
  • With more than 23 years in investment management and equity research, he brings extensive expertise to his role. 

3. Axis ELSS Tax Saver Fund (previously known as “Axis Long Term Equity Fund”)

About the Fund: Aims for long-term capital growth through diversified equity and related securities in companies with robust growth and sustainable business models. Invest for 5 years or more for gains exceeding inflation rates and enjoy tax benefits under Section 80C. 

Brace for fluctuations; no withdrawals before 3 years. Invest via SIP route. 

Risk: Very high. 

Fund size: Rs. 33088.41 crore 

Expense Ratio: 1.54% 

Fund Managers: 

Shreyash Devalkar

  • Senior Fund Manager at Axis AMC since 2016. 
  • Manages Bluechip Fund, Midcap Fund, Multicap Fund. 
  • Previous roles: BNP Paribas AMC, IDFC Asset Management, IDFC Securities. 

Ashish Naik

  • Equity Fund Manager at Axis AMC since 2016. 
  • Formerly with Goldman Sachs India Securities as a business analyst. 
  • Joined Axis AMC as an Equity Research Analyst in 2009

4. ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund 

About the Fund:  

Aims for capital appreciation and income distribution via equity derivatives, arbitrage opportunities, and pure equity investments. 

Invest for 5 years or more for inflation-beating gains and fixed income-like returns. Be ready for value fluctuations. 

Dynamic Asset Allocation shifts between equities and bonds based on market outlook. Suited for conservative investors. 

Risk: Moderately 

Fund Size: Rs. 51,736.47 crore 

Expense Ratio: 1.51% 

Fund Manager: 

Manish Banthia

  • Manages Fixed Income and advises Indian Fixed Income Fund in Japan. 
  • Experienced in portfolio management, credit research, and rates trading. CA and MBA holder. 

Ritesh Lunawat

  • B.Com and Chartered Accountant. 
  • Joined ICICI Prudential AMC in September 2013. 

Ihab Dalwani

  • Chartered Accountant. 
  • Associated with ICICI Prudential AMC since April 2011. 

Sanskaran Naren

  • Overseas investment across Mutual Funds and Internation Advisory Business.  
  • IIT Kolkata alumnus. 
  • Has extensive experience in financial services and investment management. 

Rajat Chandak

  • Manages various flagship funds including ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund, ICICI Prudential Value Fund, and more. 
  • B.Com and MBA holder. 

Sri Sharma

  • Holds B.Com, CA, and CFA (Level 2 cleared).  
  • Joined ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund after working at PWC 

5. ICICI Prudential Blue Chip Fund 

About the Fund:  

Aims for long-term capital appreciation and income distribution by primarily investing in equity and related securities of large-cap companies. 

Invest for 5 years or more for returns beating inflation and fixed-income options. 

It prefers big companies, less prone to stock price falls, suitable for conservative equity investors. 

Fund Size: Rs. 44,425.37 crore 

Risk: High 

Expense Ratio: 1.56% 

Fund Managers: 

Anish Tawalke

  • Manages ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund & ICICI Prudential Manufacture in India Fund. 
  • Over two decades of experience in capital markets, with leadership roles at Barclays, McKinsey, Bernstein, Credit Suisse. 
  • Holds Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Bangalore and a B.Tech from IIT Delhi. 

Vaibhav Dusad

  • Holds B.Tech, M.Tech, and MBA. 
  • Previously worked with Morgan Stanley, HSBC Global Banking, CRISIL, Zinnov Management Consulting, and Citibank Singapore. 

Fueling India’s Future with Mutual Funds and Youth Power 

Let’s talk about why getting into mutual funds in your 20s is a total game-changer for Indian youth.  

Picture this: the world’s economy’s doing the tango, and India’s in the spotlight.  

Mutual funds? They’re your secret weapon against market madness while you ride the wave of global change. India’s got big dreams, aiming for a $5 trillion economy by 2025. Your investment choices? They could be the rocket fuel for this growth story and line your pockets with sweet returns. 

Oh, and check this out – by 2030, there’ll be a whopping 357 million young guns in India! And guess who’s steering the country’s economic boom? That’s right, it’s you! India’s defense sector booming too. Your investment choices could pump-up this sector and create job opportunities. 

India’s investment scene is leveling up, mixing old-school options with a modern rockets like mutual funds. It’s your ticket to a smarter investment game. 

But here’s the real kicker: financial wisdom’s trending. More of us are waking up to the magic of things like life insurance, mutual funds, and stocks. It’s like having a financial superpower to make smarter moves with your money. 

So, nailing mutual funds in your 20s isn’t just about making money; it’s about riding India’s growth story, making savvy choices, and being part of something huge.

Ready to dive in and be a part of this epic journey?  


Is 25 too late to start investing? 

Hey, 25’s a solid time to dive into investing! You’ve got time to play catch-up and let that money grow. It’s never too late to start stacking those bucks. 

How much should you invest in your 20s? 

In your 20s, the rule of thumb’s around 15% of your income. Pop that into investments, and watch it grow while you hustle through your 9 to 5. 

What is the 50 30 20 rule? 

The 50-30-20 rule’s a simple budgeting gem. You spend 50% on needs (bills, food), 30% on wants (fun stuff), and stash 20% away for savings and investments. 

Should I save or spend it in my 20s? 

Balance’s key, mate! Splurge a bit, but stash some too. In your 20s, it’s cool to enjoy life while also building that cash cushion for the future. Gotta live a little and prep for those bigger goals, right? 

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